Waiting to Exhale

By Todd Harrison | June 19, 2018 I went on TV in 2012 and said that cannabis was my single-best investment theme for the next decade. I had just begun studying the science, so I [...]

The April Pivot

By Todd Harrison | May 23, 2018 “This time is different” may be the four most dangerous words in finance, but we found ourselves repeating them quite often last year. We did so in response [...]

Survive and Thrive

By Todd Harrison | April 16, 2018 The first quarter of 2018 is in the books, and what a quarter it was. After years of steady stock market gains, volatility exploded across asset classes. I’ve [...]

Cannabis Going Global

By Todd Harrison | February 15, 2018 January did not lack for excitement in the cannabinoid-wellness space as volatility arrived early and often. Between the decision by Jeff Sessions to repeal state cannabis protections to [...]

Land of the Rising Bud

By Loren DeFalco | February 10, 2018 Japan has long been known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”; however, with an aging population, it may soon become known as the Land of the Rising [...]

The Major Role of Minor Cannabinoids

By Loren DeFalco | January 31, 2018 Over the years I have often asked myself why some strains of cannabis are more effective than others for certain ailments. As time passed, I began [...]

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